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Ecological risk assessment of pesticides, nutrients and sediments on water quality and ecosystem health - Thu 17th May 2012
Project 4.3 Project Leaders: Jon Brodie - JCU and Rai Kookana - CSIRO  
Monitoring the Health of Torres Strait Coral Reefs - Tue 15th May 2012
Project 2.3 Project Leader: Dr Ray Berkelmans - AIMS
The chronic effects of pesticides and their persistence in tropical waters - Fri 24th Feb 2012
Project 4.2 Project Leader: Dr. Andrew Negri - AIMS
Marine turtles and dugong of Torres Strait - Fri 17th Feb 2012
Project 2.1 Project Leaders: Dr Mark Hamman and Professor Helene Marsh - JCU
Rainforest Biodiversity - Thu 22nd Dec 2011
Project 3.1 Project Leader: Dr. Steve Williams - JCU



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