Endangered Species Research


White, J., Heupel, M.R., Simpfendorfer, C.A., Tobin, A.J. (2013) Shark-like batoids in Pacific fisheries: prevalence and conservation concerns. Endangered Species Research. 19, 277-284 [doi:10.3354/esr00473].


* Funded by DEWHA (MTSRF)

Enviornmental Biology of Fishes


White, J., Simpfendorfer, C.A., Tobin, A.J., Heupel, M.R. (2013) Spatial ecology of shark-like batoids in a large coastal embayment. Enviornmental Biology of Fishes. 97 (7) 773-786 [doi: 10.1007/s10641-013-0178-7].

Diversity in shark nursery areas along a tropical coastline.



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