NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub logo in PDF format.


Hub researchers and communicators are requested to use the Tropical Ecosystems Hub PowerPoint presentation template in preparing for conference, workshop and other public presentation materials.


This Monitoring and Evaluation Plan complements other documents, including the NERP TE Hub Science Communication Plan, and describes how the Hub Steering Committee will monitor key performance indicators in order to advise DSEWPaC on Hub progress in a timely manner through biannual reporting of:

• Project milestone delivery

• Expenditure and commitment and

• Communications including engagement and knowledge transfer.


The Multi-Year Research Plan, or MYRP, is a research plan that provides contextual information and a breakdown of research activities of the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub; describes the research that the Hub will be undertaking between 2011 and 2014; identifies research priorities and links to Australian Government Environment Portfolio policies and programs; outlines the relationship of the research to the Australian Government Environment Portfolio and other key research users; and provides a framework for monitoring and evaluating the Hub activities, as part of the NERP.


Any NERP TE Hub funded researchers who wish to publish their work - such as a journal article, media release, or resource materials - are obliged to forward their items to the Department of the Environment for review. 
If you have an item which needs review, please, download the PDF or Word version of the Publications Coversheet and email the completed coversheet and your item to who will forward it to the Department for review.
The Department is required to respond in five business days – if there is no response within five days you may publish your item.


The specific objectives of the NERP TE Hub Science Communication Plan are to promote and facilitate the influential application of Hub-generated knowledge.




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