Tourism Economics


The importance of water clarity to tourists in the Great Barrier Reef and their willingness to pay to improve it. Tourism Economics.

Marine Policy


Farr, M., Stoeckl, N., Beg, R.A. (2014) The non-consumptive (tourism) ‘value’ of marine species in the Northern section of the Great Barrier Reef. Marine Policy. 43, 89-103 [doi: 10.1016/j.marpol.2013.05.002].

Tourism Economics


Mustika, P., Stoeckl, N., Farr, M. (2014) The potential implications of environmental deterioration on business and non-business visitor expenditures in a natural setting: a case study of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Tourism Economics.  



Larson, S., Stoeckl, N., Farr, M., Esparon, M. (2014) The role the Great Barrier Reef plays in resident wellbeing and implications for its management. AMBIO[doi: 10.1007/s13280-014-0554-3].

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Esparon, M., Stoeckl, N., Farr, M., Larson, S. (2014) The significance of environmental values for destination competitiveness and sustainable tourism strategy making: insights from Australia's Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. [doi: 10.1080/09669582.2014.998678].

Ecology and Society


Butler, J.R.A., Tawake, A., Skewes, T., McGrath, V. (2012) Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Fisheries Management in the Torres Strait, Australia: the Catalytic Role of Turtles and Dugong as Cultural Keystone Species. Ecology and Society. 17 (4), 34 [doi:10.5751/ES-05165-170434].


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Journal of Vector Ecology


Meyer Steiger, D., Johnson, P., Hilbert, D., Ritchie, S., Jones, D., Laurance, S.G.W. (2012) Effects of landscape disturbance on mosquito community composition in tropical Australia. Journal of Vector Ecology. 37, 69-76 [doi:10.1111/j.1948-7134.2012.00201].



Meyer Steiger, D.B., Ritchie, S.A., Laurance, S.G.W. (2014) Overcoming the Challenges of Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) Sampling in Remote Localities: A Comparison of CO2 Attractants on Mosquito Communities in Three Tropical Forest Habitats. BioOne. 51 (1), 39-45 [doi:10.1603/ME12216].

The Geographical Journal


Cullen-Unsworth, L.C., Hill, R., Butler, J.R.A., Wallace, M. (2012) A research process for integrating Indigenous and scientific knowledge in cultural landscapes: principles and determinants of success in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Australia. The Geographical Journal. 178 (4), 351-365 [doi:10.1111/j.1475-4959.2011.00451].

Ecology and Society


Hill, R., Grant, C., George, M., Robinson, C.J., Jackson, S., Abel, N. (2012) A typology of Indigenous engagement in Australian environmental management: Implications for knowledge integration and social-ecological system sustainability. Ecology and Society. 17 (1), 23 [doi:10.5751/ES-04587-170123].


* Funded by DEWHA (MTSRF)



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