Current conditions on the Great Barrier Reef

We are now in the midst of summer 2011/2012, which means increased risks for the Great Barrier Reef from threats such as coral bleaching, disease outbreaks and exposure to cyclones, storms and high rainfall. 

To help keep you up to date with reef health conditions on the Great Barrier Reef this summer, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's Climate Change Group will update their publicly available "Current conditions on the Great Barrier Reef" web page on a fortnightly basis.  These updates will include information on environmental conditions and observed reef health impacts, as well as some links to further information.

The latest "Current Conditions on the Great Barrier Reef" update for 6 January 2012 is now available.  This page can be accessed from the GBRMPA homepage by following the link under the "Features" section, or by visiting the Climate Change pages.

For further information about the GBRMPA's Eye on the Reef program, send an email to