Dr. Dan Metcalfe

Dr. Dan Metcalfe is Research Program Leader for the Ecology Program at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences. He completed fieldwork for his PhD in the rainforests of South-east Asia before taking up a post-doctoral position in Australia working on the ecology and physiology of rainforest seedlings. He then returned to the UK for eight years working in academia before returning to Australia in 2004 to work with CSIRO Atherton. He has worked on community and landscape ecological questions including management of threatened species, impacts of natural disturbance events on forest succession, weed ecology and management, and the biogeography of Australian rainforest plants.

Dr. Metcalfe’s current research focuses on fire ecology of rainforests and allied vegetation; the role of functional traits in determining community responses to change; the management of threatened ecosystems and the development of sustainable forest use practices.