Dr. Mark Hamann


Dr. Hamann is a Principal Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in James Cook University’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He is also a member of the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group and serves as a Regional Vice Co-Chair for the Australasia region. He also has an active role in developing marine turtle conservation programs in Viet Nam and Malaysia.

Dr. Hamann’s postdoctoral work included development of community-based projects for the monitoring and management of marine turtles in Torres Strait and his main research interests lie in minimising human impacts on tropical marine wildlife and their habitats, and includes assessment of marine wildlife vulnerability (i.e. marine turtles, dugong and inshore dolphins) to climate change and coastal development, and understanding the role of marine turtles and dugongs in coastal environments. He is also interested in understanding the mechanisms of turtle dispersal and distribution, and impacts of plastic pollution on marine animals.