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The Advocate

28 May 2014

THE MYSTERIOUS group of mushrooms which formed in a near-perfect circle in an Ayr backyard have been identified as lilac blewit.

Senior mycologist, Nigel Fechner, who studies the genetic structure and biochemical properties of fungi, said the mushrooms are likely to unpredictably sprout up in any backyard.


The Advocate

21 May 2014

A GROUP of mysterious purple mushrooms have formed in an almost perfect circle in a backyard in Ayr.

Eighty-six-year-old Ayr resident, Berteram “Hock” Keyse first found a small group of the purple mushrooms in his backyard almost 12 months ago, but more recently, they’ve created a near-perfect circle in his grass.


An update brochure of what's going on with the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub Rainforest projects.


A snapshot of the research progress within the Rainforest node for January to June 2013.


A snapshot of the research progress within the Tropical Rainforest node for July to December 2013.


Far North Queensland’s tropical rainforests are home to much of the remaining ancient Gondwanan flora. As a result, Queensland’s rainforests are incredibly rich in species and contain one of the most complete, intact and continuous records of flowering plant evolution. This project will map the genetic and phylogenetic diversity of northeast Queensland rainforest plants and fungi with a focus on the mountaintop species, which are regarded as among the most at risk from climate warming. The team will deliver a report on conservation priorities for this region based on the data produced during the life of the project.


Costion, C., Bransgrove, K., Simpson, L., Schulte, K., Abell-Davis, S., Metcalfe, D., Rossetto, M., Lowe, A. J., Williams, S., Crayn, D. M. (2014) What is at risk? Identifying rainforest refugia and hotspots of plant genetic diversity in the Wet Tropics bio-region.





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