Conrad Hoskin (JCU) and Robert Puschendorf (Plymouth University); Surveys for missing & endangered rainforest frogs and other fauna in peripheral areas; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Conrad Hoskin (JCU); The importance of peripheral areas of the Wet Tropics for conversation of biodiversity; Thursday 6th November.


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CSIRO Publishing


Puschendorf, R., Alford, R.A., Hoskin, C.J. (2012) Armoured Mistfrog Litoria lorica, in: Queensland's Threatened Animals. CSIRO Publishing.


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The Conversation

17 May 2013

Torrent frogs are an interesting group of frogs found in the rainforests of north-east Australia. There are four species in the group: the Mountain Mistfrog (Litoria nyakalensis), the Armoured Mistfrog (Litoria lorica), the Waterfall Frog (Litoria nannotis) and the Common Mistfrog (Litoria rheocola). Read more




Courier Mail

10 August 2012

A SCIENTIFIC expedition will head into rugged north Queensland rainforests next month on a last-ditch mission to find frogs not seen for decades.

The frogs are thought to be extinct but there is some conjecture they may have survived in remote pockets. Read more



An update brochure of what's going on with the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub Rainforest projects.


A snapshot of the research progress within the Rainforest node for January to June 2013.


A snapshot of the research progress within the Tropical Rainforest node for July to December 2013.


This project will survey dry forest sites that border rainforest in the Wet Tropics and Eungella regions for missing and endangered frogs and other vertebrates. 

This project will also:
• Determine if and how threatened frogs are recolonising upland rainforest sites where they once occurred
• Determine if the few minute populations of Northern Tinker-Frog (Taudactylus rheophilus) recorded after disease outbreaks have persisted
• Provide management recommendations and a list of critical dry forest refuges for critically endangered rainforest frogs, and areas of importance for other vertebrate species.



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