About this project:

It’s important to plan for the future but we don’t always know what the future holds. This project will look at a number of possible ‘what if?’ pictures of the future and identify ‘best bet’ strategies to cope with these challenges. The researchers will work with communities to provide important information for planners and other stakeholders in the region. 

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About this project:

Torres Strait acts as a bridge to Australia for transport of animal-borne diseases.The aim of this project is to improve ways of finding exotic animal diseases brought into the Torres Strait.The researchers will look at what causes wildlife diseases to establish and persist in the region.They will also study how diseases are spread by insects and birds.
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In this project Helene, Mark and their team will:

• Work in partnership with TSRA Rangers, TOs and island communities

• Carry out aerial surveys to check dugong numbers across the Torres Strait

• Use satellite tracking to understand how turtles and dugong use their habitats.

• Monitor and analyse marine turtle and dugong population trends

• Look at the main threats to turtles and dugongs

• Compare Torres Strait turtle and dugong populations with international populations.

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About this project:

Working together with Traditional Owners and Rangers, the researchers will look at different mangrove areas around the islands. They want to build a picture of what mangroves look like now so they can measure any changes in the future.

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About this project:

What is the status of coral reefs in the Torres Strait? This project will survey coral reefs so we have a baseline of coral condition to answer this question and monitor changes in future.The project will also establish an early warning system for coral bleaching.

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About this project:

Good water quality is important for the health of Torres Strait communities and the environment. This project will look at sources of water pollution and water movement to assess risks to marine and public health. The results will highlight the main causes of pollution and be used to design a basic water quality monitoring program.

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