The following outcomes were developed by participants at the National Environmental Research Program’s ‘Torres Strait Futures’ workshop held on 22 – 23 October, 2012 in Cairns. The 20 participants represented Australian, Queensland and Local Government stakeholders, NGOs and private enterprises that have responsibilities in the Torres Strait.

A vision for the future
• Torres Strait Islanders will enjoy a good standard of living in culturally vibrant communities with a strong sense of identity and core values.
• Torres Strait Islanders will have healthy communities with good access to education and livelihood opportunities, low crime rates, strong traditional culture and knowledge, sustainable natural resources, self-determination and ways of addressing the rising cost of living.
• Torres Strait Islanders will be able to cultivate the core values which underpin their sense of place and culture: respect, kinship, kindness, sharing and loyalty. Read more

Coast GIS 2013

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Crowley, G.M., Dale, A., Turton, S., Bennett, D. (2013) Science to inform Climate Change Planning in North Queensland.

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