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Implementing the NERP TE Hub Indigenous Engagement Strategy: building effective Indigenous-Science partnerships for bio-cultural diversity conservation

Convener: Prof Helene Marsh

Professor of Environmental Science, James Cook University


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How do we recognise progress in securing the conservation of the Wet Tropics?

Convener: Andrew Maclean

Executive Director, Wet Tropics Management Authority


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Managing for Change

Convener: Carole Sweatman

Chief Executive Officer, Terrain - NRM in the Wet Tropics


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Effectiveness of spatial zoning for biodiversity and fish populations

Convener: Dr Laurence McCook

Acting Director, Climate Change and Science, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority


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What does the future hold for Torres Strait and its Indigenous People?

Convener: Damian Miley

Program Manager (Environmental Management), Land and Sea Management Unit, Torres Strait Regional Authority


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Drivers of Biodiversity on the GBR, COTS Outbreak Dynamics and Population Control

Convener: Doug Baird

Environment & Compliance Manager, Quicksilver Group


Forum Synopsis

Managing natural resources for future generations

Convener: Mark Read PhD

Manager Species Conservation, Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainable Use Group, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority


Alan Dale (JCU); Governance, Planning and Effective Adaptation of Ecosystem Service Markets to Climate Adaptation and Landscape Resilience; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Andrew Negri (AIMS); The chronic effects of pesticides and their persistence in tropical waters; Thursday 9th May 2013.




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