Message from the Science Leader

Message from the Science Leader

2014 is the final year of operation of the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub. Research activities in the Hub are due to be concluded by the third quarter of this year and the focus of most Hub researchers has already shifted from research to communication. The importance of communication is because the TE Hub is built on a partnership between a broad range of research-users interested in the ecosystems of north Queensland and the major regional research providers.

In 2011, this partnership provided a forum for translating the Priority Questions from the Australian Government into a portfolio of 39 tasks for the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Torres Strait, and World Heritage properties of rainforest and reef. All of these tasks were selected and funded on the basis of their potential to yield new knowledge of relevance to one or more research-user.

The Australian Government requires knowledge to evaluate national policy settings and change them as necessary in the light of new evidence. Regional management authorities (GBRMPA, TSRA, and WTMA) are both portals to others and consumers of information for their own operations. Regional industries, local governments, NRM bodies, and other NGO’s may ask different questions about the same ecosystems.

With the breadth of this client base this in mind, it is satisfying to see the range of new knowledge being delivered by the projects covered by this update. Collectively, they deliver to local, regional, state, and national interests. I invite you to find these connections and I also acknowledge the special endeavours of one project to leave a lasting legacy in the region by building new capacity in our Indigenous partners.

Dr. Peter Doherty, AIMS

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